Address : Fort Worth and Weatherford locations
  Contact : 682-231-1711


Heather Hearn Underwood

I switched from hospital midwives to Amanda at 30 weeks with my 4th baby. And I’m so thankful I did! These ladies showed up looking like we were about to backpack through the woods to our little stream with their equipment. They were fully prepared to say the least. They allowed me to walk around […]

Mandy Webb Hancock

This woman. This incredible woman! Words can not describe the integral part she played during my pregnancy, birth and postpartum care. I literally couldn’t have done it without her! Her knowledge and passion for birth make you confident in your decision to use midwifery and bold in your own abilities as a woman. She is […]

Heaven Elizabeth Londot

As a prenatal chiropractor at Heavenly Spines I have worked closely with DFW Collective since 2016 helping patients to achieve natural births, this is my top recommendation for midwifery care. This duo works SO well together. Amanda’s confidence, experience, and laid back nature combined with Susan’s knowledge, passion, and vibrant energy is the perfect mixture. […]

Mary-Beth Frazier

As soon as I became pregnant with my first, I knew I didn’t want anyone but me dictating my birth story, and this is how I came to choose a midwife as my provider. Amanda and her team helped me deliver both of my kids (over 9lb’ers) and it was a wonderful experience both times. […]

Michele Osborn Kettle

Susan is an amazing woman, midwife and mother. Having 4 children of her own and her doula background makes her a special lady to have by your side during your entire pregnancy, labor and birth. She has an understanding for all births and a way of relating to each concern or emotion that came up […]

Kelly Milam

Amanda and her entire staff are so helpful and always available to you. Our birthing experience with them was out of this world! We were super blessed to have them with us in this journey.

Catherine Paiva

I have nothing but wonderful words for Susan She was amazing and very compassionate she helped me threw a miscarriage and a healthy home birth

Lenore Landry

My husband and I cannot express how wonderful our care was with Beautiful Beginnings. Amanda always had our best interests in mind. The birth was wonderful. Everyone was so supportive and helped me through the birth of our son without pushing me. We were able to meet our son right when he was supposed to […]

Erin AusomMom

Susan is seriously amazing!! I felt drawn to her from day 1. I asked my midwife If I could please please have Susan as the assisting midwife. She made me feel comfortable and secure. She helped me rock my HBAC, successfully. I was in constant co tact too after birth about a wide range of […]

Sharief N Ashley Darweesh

I’ve had a birth center birth & home birth with these fabulous ladies! They believed in me, coached me & helped me bring 2 perfect babies earthside! No doubt I’d use them again if I had a 3rd (but that’s not happening 😂) love them dearly.

Allison Allison

My birth experience was everything I imagined and more. Amanda Prouty, Amanda Whatley, and Ally Barr were truly amazing! Thank you ladies!

Erica Roglin

Susan helped deliver my first born Stella, and I will never forget how amazing she was! I truly had an amazing birth and loved her support, energy, and just overall care that she gave to me , my husband and newborn baby girl. Could not ask for a better midwife!!!!

Cathy ‘Tarsney’ Theiss

Amanda was a very efficient midwife. Every single appointment she and her apprentice midwives were present; physically and emotionally and were available for me to talk if I needed. They were so encouraging when I started to get nervous about birth. Also- Amanda ALWAYS answered my phone calls or emails in such quick timing. The […]

Kristen Walker

I cannot begin to describe the value of Susan’s friendship, expertise, and unwavering support. From my problems conceiving and my uneventful pregnancy, through my VBAC turned unexpected last minute elective Cesarean, she was full of advice, compassion and evidence based knowledge about birth. When I had to transfer care because of my need for a […]

Lashedric Gillie

This was the most amazing experience of my life. Amanda is one of the most awesome people I have ever met. I had my son May 31, 2015. I love the fact that no matter what time of day it was she was always there for me to answer any questions no matter how big […]

Erica LeBaron

I was so happy with my experience with Amanda. It was my 3rd baby but 1st home birth and my 1st time using a midwife. She was very smart, calm, and good at reading my needs without me even saying anything. She was just who I needed to help me deliver my 11 lb 8 […]

Stephanie Paulson

Amanda and her students are awesome! They always helped me make the most natural decisions possible even though my pregnancy resulted in a hospital birth. Amanda stayed with me the ENTIRE time and it made me feel so much better.

Brandi Cline

I am beyond grateful for both of my experiences with beautiful beginnings! I love our midwife and would use her with all my pregnancies!!