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Alyson Osborn

Thing’s I’m Into

Photography, time with my family, cooking with my bestie, loving on my puppy, reality TV, traveling, got a thing for the South, on a journey to take better care of myself

I was born on my Dad’s birthday in Alaska but raised mostly in Texas. Photography became a passion when I was a young child. My Dad set up a dark room in our laundry room and we would develop our own black and white prints.

I started out a film photographer and shot my first wedding in 2001. I graduated from college in 2003 with my business degree and I have been a photographer ever since.

When I’m not photographing beautiful bellies and babies, I spend most of my time with my family, friends, and puppy benny. You have to meet him, he is the sweetest puppy ever!!

Why birth photography?

Because at the end of every birth, I am always still amazed that “That just happened!”, that a women’s body can grow, nurture, and deliver a tiny little human being!! I believe birth is a miracle and I am so blessed to document it as my “job”. I get to witness two people support and love each other as they work to bring a child into this world. It’s a true honor to be allowed into someone’s birth space. I am completely fulfilled and couldn’t imagine doing anything else.

Aly Renee

Caren Nugent

Hi! I’m Caren Nugent! I’m a follower of Christ, wife to Ryan, and mother to Aaron and Sara.

Supporting families during their pregnancy and labor is so important. I am forever changed by all the families I support.

I live and teach in Arlington, but serve as a doula in the DFW area.

I love sharing birth knowledge with people, especially first time moms or 2nd time parents who are looking to have a different birth experience. I’m a huge believer in birth education because when you don’t know all of your options you cannot make an informed choice.

I love it when people have an open mind about birth and are willing to learn things that can sometimes go against mainstream sources. You never know what you’re going to end up liking when you have an open mind!

Arlington Birth Services

Lama Kawsara

Hello, my name is Lama Kawsara and I’m the doula behind Noor Birth! My journey to becoming a birth doula all began with my own birth experiences. During my first birth I was seeing an OB and planning a hospital delivery but longed for more connection and felt like something was missing. In my third trimester, I switched my provider to Midwife Amanda and birthed at a birth center. I finally found what I was looking for from my births. I felt empowered and connected throughout my labor and felt I was in  charge of my choices. After my second birth, which was another successful water birth at the center, I began attending close friends and relatives births. By the time I had my third baby at home, I had decided that the birth world is where I belong.
In early 2020 I completed a doula workshop training through the Academy of Certified Birth Educators. Soon after, my business Noor Birth was born and I began taking on clients. In the summer of 2020 I attended a 5 week Hypnobirth course to understand the philosophy and broaden my skill set as a doula. This year I completed certification in Bengkunk Belly Binding and provide it as an option to postpartum mamas.
My role as your doula is to help you feel empowered, educated and supported through out your labor and birth. My philosophy is to support all women in their choices. This is your birth and you should reach each decision fully informed and supported. I will be your advocate through the whole process. I will strive to provide support to ensure your birth is a beautiful and memorable experience.

Noor Birth Doula Services

Amanda Prouty Licensed Midwife

Amanda has been married for 20 years and they are the parents to 4 boys ranging from age 19 to age 10. Amanda experienced two hospital births and felt that while her babies were wonderful, the hospital experience left a lot to be desired. In truth, she just wanted to be able to take her baby home right away. Her third child was a birth center delivery. The wonderful midwifery care that she received made her realize how lucky midwives are to help so many other women experience this joyous occasion. While she didn’t know it at the birth, these midwives were soon to become colleagues. She became pregnant while she was a student midwife and became licensed just before the birth of her fourth child in the privacy of her own home. All their deliveries were special, but nothing was as AMAZING as their homebirth, especially with the love and support of her preceptors. Amanda’s experience was truly a blessing. Amanda and DFW Midwife Collective wants women and their families to EXPERIENCE BIRTH! Amanda’s passion is to give women options about where and how they birth. She will also attend a hospital birth with a client if it becomes medically necessary. It is our responsibility as midwives to foster an environment that is physically and emotionally safe. Childbirth is a natural and wonderful experience that should be private and comfortable. We work with the woman’s body to deliver the baby in the most peaceful environment possible. As your midwife, Amanda will honor your choices, wishes, and desires to empower you to take control of your childbirth experience.

Qualifications And Experience


  • Licensed Midwife in Texas
  • Graduate of ATM Midwifery Program
  • CPR for the Healthcare Professional, AHA
  • NeonatalResuscitation, AHA/AAP
  • Continuing education workshops
  • North American Registry of Midwives
  • Vice-President of North Texas Midwives 2010, 2011, 2012

Susan Taylor Licensed Midwife

Susan’s love for pregnancy, birth, and babies came with her first natural birth almost 19 years ago, when she became a mother. Her second birth, with a midwife at a birth center, first lit the fire for helping pregnant women. After the birth of her daughter 12 years ago, she began pursuing her doula training. Her third birth ended in a hospital transport and unplanned cesarean, that caused her much pain and disappointment. Two years later her fourth baby was born at home, via a water VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Cesarean). It was the combination of her last two births that fueled her passion for serving pregnant women in a way that was hard to ignore. Her VBAC brought her the peace she searched for since her cesarean and a whole new perspective on maternity care. In January of 2013 she began her midwifery training. It is Susan’s deepest passion to support and educate women during their pregnancy and birth.

Susan’s other greatest passion is her family. She is married to her favorite friend, Chris, and a mother to four children; three boys and one girl. She feels blessed to have birthed her children in a way that opened her heart to midwifery. She loves serving women in her community through midwifery, advocacy, and her doula work.

Her VBAC also opened her heart to surrogacy and lead her to help grow other families. In 2015 she had her second VBAC with a baby boy as a gestational carrier. In 2017, she celebrated another HBAC, a 3VBAC, as she welcomed a baby boy at home as a gestational carrier for a same sex couple. Susan is now on her third journey to help one last family experience parenthood.

Susan has over 10 years experience in the birth community as a doula and now as a Licensed Midwife. With 6 different births, she is able to relate to her clients who too have experienced birth in different ways. Susan loves having hour long appointments getting to know her clients, sharing stories of motherhood, and educating them on all things pregnancy. She believes you are the captain of your ship, and she is there to help you navigate the waters to have a healthy pregnancy and birth.

Susan strongly believes that birth is something to be experienced. An intimate dance between mother and baby. And if you allow it, birth will change your life.