Address : Fort Worth and Weatherford locations
  Contact : 682-231-1711

Heather Hearn Underwood

I switched from hospital midwives to Amanda at 30 weeks with my 4th baby. And I’m so thankful I did! These ladies showed up looking like we were about to backpack through the woods to our little stream with their equipment. They were fully prepared to say the least. They allowed me to walk around outside with nature with contractions every few minutes. It was AWESOME!! When time came to push they allowed my body to do what it was bred to do! Next step water off and quick response to get out of the tub we have a breeched baby but yet so calm! Within 5 minutes baby is out and in my arms! The laid back atmosphere, the calmness, the clean up, the support, the caregiver feeling and literally bedside manner made this birth the best experience ever. If I wasn’t done with having babies I would have them do it all over again but 4 is my little salmon bag limit! 😁 I can’t thank these ladies enough, they saved me from having a possible c-section and allowed my dreams of a home birth to come true!