Address : Fort Worth and Weatherford locations
  Contact : 682-231-1711

Cathy ‘Tarsney’ Theiss

Amanda was a very efficient midwife. Every single appointment she and her apprentice midwives were present; physically and emotionally and were available for me to talk if I needed. They were so encouraging when I started to get nervous about birth. Also- Amanda ALWAYS answered my phone calls or emails in such quick timing. The birth was quite amazing. Amanda and her midwives stood back and let me do what I needed to do to birth my child...they give such freedom, yet will intervene if needed. After I went home- Amanda or one of her midwives was consistently checking on me and the baby. It was quite amazing how they keep that communication line open and flowing even after things are done. I give them 5 stars with a happy heart...they will live up to everything and I do mean everything they promise.